Yoga And Mindfulness

    We are excited to see how we are improving the
    health, vitality and emotional intelligence of
    individuals under duress. The effects of past trauma
    are released, deviant behavior and addictive
    tendencies are reduced. The basis of a better life is

    We achieve these results through mindful movement,
    breathing and sittings, combined with group processes
    to foster better communication and emotional health.
We are a network of volunteers taking meditation, yoga and mindfulness to
in-need but under-served populations. We contribute to the well being,
health rehabilitation, and personal empowerment of prisoners, juveniles,
recovering addicts, victims of domestic violence, mental health patients,
disabled persons, poor people and others. Our programs of group
meditations also silently contribute peace and vitality to the greater
population where our participants live, be it in a jail or in the community.